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Hey guys!

This is a post to review a fitness class I attended a couple of weeks ago with a friend.

Barry’s Bootcamp has loads of classes, targeting all parts of the body – and people from all walks of life. The class I attended in particular was a lunchtime class which I found a perfect time of day. We attended the Barry’s class in their East branch located near London Liverpool Street.

Upon entry, I was welcomed by the lovely receptionists who talked us through all the information we needed to know before beginning our class. We chose the full body class with trainer Anya. Before starting, we were also offered a free shake which could be had before or after the class. (We chose post class as we had not eaten breakfast and were advised we may throw up LOOL)


The chocolate peanut butter shake I got 😍😋
The layout of the club is two floors, with toilets and showers, then the infamous red room where all the magic happens.


The class

We began our class on the treadmill for the first half, where we completed a number of rounds of sprints (on incline and at different speeds). At one point I even had to lower the speed because my heart actually could not cope! For someone that considers themselves reasonably fit I would say it was a challenge, but I loved it.

We then went onto floor exercises, where we performed a number of squats, bent over rows, crunches, and shoulder presses. You’d think because you were using a light weight you wouldn’t feel the burn; oh how I was wrong! Anya was encouraging of all of us, pushing us to do better, and honestly in that atmosphere you do not want to be the only one giving up. I was still feeling the burn a couple days after this class so the pain was worth it and I felt refreshed after it.

I’d advise this class to anyone who likes a challenge or wants something to boost their current training programme. Classes start at £20 for a single class, but if you book in bulk you will save more money across the sessions.
















































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