Body goals 

This is a topic I have felt very passionate about recently and I wanted to voice my opinions on it.

Body goals?

What does that really mean?

Society has built the “perfect” body for us which has now become goals?

Over the years, young people, particularly women have been pressured into believing a certain body type is a man’s ideal. Being slim used to be the ‘in’ thing, now it seems like everyone wants to obtain a ‘thick’ or ‘thimslick’ body in the words of Fabulous. Reality is not everyone will be able to obtain a ‘perfect’ body, and not everyone that has them, got them the natural way.

I won’t even lie to you I used to look at celebrities or insta famous females and desire their curves and honestly believed I could sculpt my body into theirs overnight. I’ve even considered a fat transfer procedure in the past lol! But honestly, half if not most of these females have surgically enhanced their bodies. The promotion of bodies like Kim Kardashian has to some become an unrealistic reality of how a body should look. Of late, prominent icons within the fitness community have also led us to believe they have gained their bodies without surgeries. In addition to this, the media do edit photos to give off this image of perfection which is not helping the way in which women see themselves.


The rise of ‘fit teas’ have sold many a dream, that their waistlines would be trimmed just by drinking tea. As previously written in another post, a healthy diet and a weight training programme will aid weight loss; why would just drinking tea have the same effect? Women everywhere have bought into this dream, forgetting that the foundation of a healthy body is a healthy mind.

In training, and in life in general, I have made my own body goals. This means that I have accepted my body, flaws and all, and am working on building the best body I can achieve. It is training your mind to appreciate who you are and making a promise to yourself to be healthy over anything. ‘Body gains’ should just be additional. Everyday, I look at my body and love every bit of my body, and watching it change through hard work and dedication.

Finally happy with my current progress, although I will always push myself to improve!

Another aspect that I’d never advise as mentioned before, crash dieting does not help your body at all! No carbs, juice fasts, master cleanses.. they all starve your body of the necessary nutrients the body needs to operate accordingly. Without that, you will never be able to reach your body’s full potential. The key is enjoying food in moderation. Starving yourself should never be an option!

Love yourself on the journey to who you want to be!

Greatness is not built overnight

You are beautiful no matter what size you are




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