Novice's guide to kickstart fitness!

 I know it says a novices guide in the title but I believe any and everyone can benefit from these apps in one way or another as I have! They are not limited to those with gym memberships, so you can actually use some of these apps outside of the gym environment if that is your preference! Not to mention all these apps are FREE ! These are my top five fitness applications in no particular order. 😁

1. Nike Running

Nike Running has been one of my favourite all time apps, which has helped me with my fitness out of the gym. Nike Running is an app where you can actively record your runs, and it helps you assess your progress time wise. There's a voice over letting you know how fast you have run every kilometer, and once you have completed your run, you can compare your times against previous runs. Each run measures the calories burnt according to your weight, and the added GPS feature enables you to have a live log of where you have run! In addition to this, there is a coaching programme which helps you particularly in training for races. I found it a great help when training for my first 10 km run last summer!

By signing up to the Nike community, you can add your friends on the network as encouragement to train further. With your friends you can also undertake challenges and compete with them to see who has run the most kilometers weekly lol! Hope to see you all incorporating running more into your active regime and feel free to add me to your network: Amerie1992

Available on Apple and Android devices:

Apple link

Android link

2. Sworkit (Stretching)

Discovered this app recently and it has honestly been a God-send! Stretching is assumed that most people do, but many do not! I myself have neglected it largely in the past but have understood its importance. Stretching prevents injury and cramps during work outs. It increases mobility, and enables you to recover quicker as your muscles are not as sore. As a bonus, stretching improves your flexibility! With this app, you can take up to an hour stretching, which you can set a daily reminder before your workout sessions (if you go to the gym the same time every day). This is ultimately, the first step I have taken to ensure I am looking after my body before and after a workout. The better your body performs, the more you get out of your workouts!

The app also provides you with clear demonstrations and diagrams of how to execute the stretches, so they are very user friendly.

Apple link

Android link

"Caring less about what you look like and more about how your body performs is key. The body will come as a result of your performance." @mankofit

3. Myfitnesspal 


This has to be one of my favourite apps as I do use it daily! If you've read my previous post You are what you eat.., you see how I use it during the day to log my eating habits. Myfitnesspal, is a great way to monitor your eating alongside your fitness goals. You add your current weight into the programme when you first start it up, and based on your activity level, the app gives you the recommended calories you would need daily (split into proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Calorie counting is often frowned upon, but it is essential to assess what is actually going into your body, as not everything you eat is necesssary or conducive to the human body! Myfitnesspal also has a networking community in which you can connect with friends, and see what they are eating! My username on the app is: enislab1102

You're not always going to have a balanced diet but even with this app you can consciously track what you are eating, and eat cheats in moderation. Myfitnesspal also provides you with up-to-date blogs with recipe ideas and fitness tips to keep you motivated!

Apple link

Android link

4. Nike Training Club

This is definitely a fave for me when I'm cross training or I can't be bothered to go to the gym lol!  Nike Training Club, along with our favourite athletes provide us with fresh innovative workouts to help us reach our potential and push fitness barriers! Depending on how much time you have there is a workout available for everyone (from 15mins – 1 hour). There is a mix of high intensity workouts requiring little to no equipment, so the exercises can be performed almost anywhere! Being a part of the Nike community also helps you connect with friends whilst working out, as well as having access to the workouts of the week built to challenge you.

You also have a choice of exercises based on your goals, whether you'd like to get toned, get strong or just need a change of workout. 

The Nike Training App provides you with 4 week programmes to get closer to your goal, almost like a personal training function, where you are recommended (depending on your goal) 3-5 workouts a week, with some yoga to reenergise and stretch. The network function is similar to that of the Nike Running App and you can add my username : Amerie1992 🙂

Apple link

Android link

5. Fitbod

  Also a recent discovery, I have found that I have used this app every workout! Fitbod is almost like a personal training app. You put in what exercises you do into the app (repetitions and set wise), and it tells you how to perform the exercise with correct form. Based on the exercises you do, the app indicates what muscle groups you have worked and on the following day(s) it tells you which muscles are 'fresh', in order for you to work them. the app also indicates the recovery percentage of each muscle group, so you do not overwork yourself either.

I normally somewhat freestyle my workouts weekly, but this app has helped to be make them more concise and try out different exercises I have not tried before based on their muscle group. It also suggests you what muscles to work on in case you run out of ideas. This app is great if you do not want to pay for a personal trainer and want to make the most out of your own sessions!

 iOS link

Unfortunately this app is only available on Apple handsets at the moment!

Take control of your life and your body! Your body is a temple 🙂


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