Taking to the streets: Wimbledon Afternoon Tea, The Allergy Show and The Just V Show!

 Last weekend I had the great opportunity of tasting loads of treats! As some of you may know, I am currently following a gluten free and dairy free diet regime, and most particularly I have not been eating meat regularly.

This weekend excited me as I do struggle to find foods that fit in line with my dietary requirements so to be surrounded by them was a blessing!

Wimbledon Afternoon Tea

I began my weekend with afternoon tea at The Hoxton in Shoreditch, where we watched the women’s Wimbledon final, with a glass of Pimms and some other goodies, including Doisy & Dam chocolate, Bol Salad Jars and the Coconut Collaborative coconut yogurt.

Doisy & Dam


Described as superfood infused chocolate, Doisy and Dam, allow you to indulge in your favourite snack with added nutrition. I had the pleasure of tasting the roasted cacao nibs milk chocolate (I ate a whole bar at once🙈), as well as the mulberries, black sesame and spirulina flavour. Vegan optional chocolate is also available.

If you would like to buy some; you can find them at the Doisy and Dam website, WholeFoods Market, amongst other outlets.

Bol Salad Jars

Bored of the conventional salad, that is leafy, tasteless and bland? Bol Salad Jars provide a great alternative, where you #shakeittomakeit! Having tasted these flavours as lunch at work this week, I would definitely say they are worth the buy for those on the go, looking for wholesome, tasty salads.

More information on this brand can be found on bolfoods.com and in health shops like Planet Organic!

The Coconut Collaborative

Coming in an assortment of flavours, from plain to mango and passionfruit😍

Again, a saviour in that I am finally able to have a yogurt that I do not get a reaction to lool! The yogurt is a great alternative to those living dairy free; and the yogurt is coconut milk based, making it perfect for all alike, including vegetarians and vegans.

They provided us with delicious strawberries, on a bed of coconut yogurt, topped with numerous toppings including sprouted buckwheat, chocolate (Doisy&Dam) and coconut flakes, yum!

I have always been a fan of this brand, and they can be found on their website in Sainsburys, Waitrose and other health retailers!

The Allergy Show & The Just V Show

These shows alongside the Love Natural, Love You, all took place in Olympia, London from the 8th-10th July 2016.

As mentioned before this was literally heaven for me as I found loads of great products being exhibited; ones I’ve tasted and ones I have been yet to taste.

As I’ve mentioned in You are what you eat, it’s very important to analyse what you eat and watch how your body reacts to it. Unfortunately, taste does not overrule the fact some foods your food might be intolerant to.

At the show there were workshops advising people on how to incorporate free from and vegan regimes into their diet.

Below are the few brands I took interest in, as many I already have as part of my diet.


@more_than_meat : Vegan burgers in numerous flavours including Spicy Jerk

@ScienceKitchen products featured on the left, homemade granola, snacks and treats packed with superfoods😍

I shall be reviewing my current regime along with the products I liked on the day in later posts, but if you want to know more about the Vegan Show and Allergy Show, follow them on Twitter :

@justvshow & @allergyshow

The 2017 Shows will be taking place at Olympia from 7th-9th July!



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