Taking to the streets: Sweatlife Festival

Last weekend I got to spend my weekend at the Lululemon Sweatlife Festival! What a great way to spend a free weekend working out! As soon as I saw the tweet about a fitness festival I jumped at the chance to attend.
Tickets were £20 and you were able to book yourself onto fitness classes from the likes of fitness brands like Barrys Bootcamp and more. Spaces got booked up very easily so you had to be fast. There were also lifestyle seminars inclusive of the tickets, and massages were available (I unfortunately missed out on this).

The classes


The first class I embarked on was the yoga presented by Chris Chavez! Baring in mind this was the first time I’ve ever done yoga I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be a ceremony of hmmms and ahhhs but I was pleasantly surprised.

I found myself stretching muscles I had not really felt before. I found a lot of gym stretches originate from yoga, like the child’s pose and bird dog. Yoga itself takes a lot of body weight strength as I found out and it is the key to being flexible. Yoga is about connecting with your inner self and finding your inner peace. I have never been so relaxed in my life. We as humans are always on the go, sometimes we just need to take time, to regroup to meditate so we can tackle life with zeal! It’s important to find that balance in all the madness! So if you do feel like you are someone that needs a release from life or wants to try something new, I’d definitely suggest yoga!

Barrys Bootcamp

As some of you may know or have read, Barry’s Bootcamp is one of my favourite places to workout this year, so you know I had to sign on to their class! Trainer Connor put myself and 399 other people to the test with the bodyweight/resistance band workout!

As much as I was tired, I had to keep up as I was near the front and had a camera constantly on us, talk about motivation! If you are looking for a total burnout from a workout, where you are pushed to your limit, Barrys is perfect for you!

For more information about my Barrys Bootcamp experience and about Barrys Bootcamp;

Barry’s BootcampBarrys Bootcamp Website

Mid Barry Workout totally knackered lool!

Move Your Frame

With Move Your Frame, I attended the Beyonce Barre class, excited to get one last workout in before I left the festival. Being a fan of Beyonce’s discography (not part of the BeyHive unfortunately lol), I thought why not give it a go, even though I did not know what Barre was or what it consisted of. Was I in for a surprise or what?! Barre is totally different than what I thought it would be, in a good way. I was thoroughly challenged and our teacher was full of life adding some booty-licious hip rolls and booty shaking in the routines. Barre itself consists of ballet and yoga movements. As we were not in a studio, we used our bodyweight to balance, and had a core focused workout! It is definitely a class I would love to attend again!

Find more information about Move Your Frame and their classes go to: Move Your Frame

@LuluLemonUK organised the SweatLife Festival, and they host complimentary run and yoga classes every week! They have an awesome apparel line if you are in need of new gym wear!



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