Race Ready: Teach First 10km! Week One Prep😱

So I was sitting at my desk one day and was thinking how to challenge myself and take my training to another level. I basically ended up signing up for the Teach First Run The River 10kilometer run.

Ideally when training for a 10k, you would need about 8 weeks training time, if it is your first run. The Nike Running app has a perfect coaching programme that sets workout reminders! Check my previous post on the must have apps you need to have working out!! https://enislab.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/novices-guide-to-kickstart-fitness-must-have-apps/

However if you run regularly, you might not need to prepare as much; but work on improving your time.

This is my second 10km run, the first being the Nike Women’s 10K last year in Victoria Park, London. Although I’m slightly short on time for training, I am ready for the challenge.

To train for the run, I’ve been incorporating more runs into my fitness regime, so Adidas Runners was the perfect event to get my training kick started. The session was run by @noelsiec and @jhepto. Adidas Runners is a newly founded run club that has been in operation for the last 5-6 weeks, with the aim of challenging runners in preparation for races or those that want to spice up their fitness life!

With Adidas Runners, we ran 3km over the Riverbank to a studio where we learnt running techniques and how to stretch with foam rollers and treated with 9 Bars and an Adidas bottle.

If you want to know more about Adidas Runners follow @RaceTheTube on Instagram, @epicchallenges on Twitter, or @jhepto/ @noelsiec.


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