Race ready: Tribe X Nana Nice Cream

As race day draws closer, I am finding new ways to challenge myself and push myself to the limit!

This week I stumbled across an event by Tribe, a natural protein bar brand who run a weekly run club. I first knew about the brand at the LuluLemon Sweatlife Festival and tried their Mountain Maca bar to refuel! The fact that the protein was natural amazed me, as I have been avoiding relying on protein powders as a source of energy or to refuel!

They teamed up with Nana Nice Cream, an upcoming vegan ice cream brand, who have made their Icecream with avocado and bananas. Amazing right! 😍 y’all know I’m a foodie so I wasn’t going to pass this chance off lol! I definitely had to attend as the idea of being able to indulge in treats like ice cream that are nutritional excite me! Being dairy free, it is often hard to find products that fit into my dietary requirements, so if you are the same; products like Nana Nice Cream are a godsend!
The run was led by a trainer and we ran through Battersea Park along the river and took in some amazing views! We ran about 6km with cardio conditioning (jump squats, step ups, and ab work) in between.

We ended the session with some tasty Tribe bars, and Nana Nice Cream, the perfect refuel after a good workout😎

I won’t lie, running that distance after work was tiring to say the least and made me realise I need to work on running more during the week! I was only able to run twice unfortunately, due to cross training and gym sessions. This is mostly because running does strain your knees a bit so I am trying to get enough training in without overworking myself. The cross training and gym sessions may have to be cut down for the time being to build on my current running training. With three weeks to go, there’s not a lot of time, but if I stay consistent and listen to my body, I will do it!

For more information on Tribe and their products/Run Club, follow @thetribeway on Twitter, or go on the Tribe website!

Follow Nana Nice Cream on Twitter, @nana_nice_cream /Nana Nice Cream Website! Look out as they are opening up their banana nice cream shop soon !😏


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