Pimp my… Salad?

Salads are a great way of getting your nutrients in without it feeling like a chore. Salads are one of my staple go to lunch meals and I get told I’m only eating leaves? Lol Salads do not have to be boring and you can customise them according to your taste buds and still have a wholesome meal!

Back to Basics

For every base of a salad you need greens! It’s inevitable! It could be a bed of spinach, or a bed of romaine lettuce, or even kale, or a mixture. But greens have to be the basis.
I normally have a bed of sliced romaine lettuce or little gem lettuce as a base.

Layer it up

I would normally add some vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers) and onions that have been cooked down.


Add that protein

Depending on how I feel, you could have would have protein in form of a meat or pulses! Kidney beans or lentils are my fave additions to a salad!



Throw in a dash of colour

I would add a fruit of some kind to the salad. I love pineapples or strawberries as salad toppings…….mmm tasty!

Fats me up


IMG_0084Healthy fats play an important role in your diet so why not throw them into your salad? Avocados, nuts and seeds are the perfect choice!

Walnuts or sunflower seeds are my top choices!
Dress me down

Last but not least I add dressing, my favourite is balsamic vinegar but you can use olive oil or make your own vingarette. Less is more! 



Short on time?

Making salads may not always be convenient, but there are many great options that are as good as making your own!

You can get a regular Tesco salad starting from a pound and add your extras as necesarry! Eating well does not have to be boring!

How to make the perfect salad from @IntegrativeNutrition







  1. January 12, 2017 / 6:53 pm

    Hey Eni!

    Love this post, I always crack up when people tell me salads are gross! When you add things to them, it makes them so much more delicious.

    I also add flax and chia seeds for some healthy omegas! Chia seeds are best because your body can break them down!

    • enislab
      January 12, 2017 / 8:20 pm

      Thank you Tashina! I know right! Ooo I’ll try chia with my salads from now on, I normally have them with breakfast x

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