Taking To The Streets: #RunTheRiver

The 10K Run I was ranting on about for weeks finally happened! Last week Tuesday 6th September I took on the TeachFirst 10Kilometer race. One to challenge myself, as I hadn’t run that distance in over a year, and two, because I like working under pressure.

Having attended numerous run clubs and adapting my workout regimes to cardio conditioning (plyometrics/ High intensity workouts) and flexibility (vinyasa yoga) I was more than ready to take on the challenge!

Unfortunately, the day before the race I was ill! I had a sore throat and blocked nose and started to panic. What about all my training? What about me missing the goodie bags? So many thoughts ran through my mind, but above all I was so upset that I may not be able to compete.

I did everything I could, including taking warm drinks, getting rest and steaming my face! I almost accepted my fate, until I read some articles where I found that illness symptoms, if they are above the head, you will be able to run and may even help cure the illness. One particular article, I read that a lady actually beat her personal best whilst not being in her best form! This totally motivated me to push and I knew all I could do was try, even if my body would give up, me going was better than thinking what if.

So I embarked upon the Riverbank ready to give the race my all! To my surprise, I ran better than I expected! With controlled breathing, I managed to slash my personal best by a whopping 6 minutes! My previous PB was 1 hour 9mins and on race day I got a time of 1 hour 3mins! I couldn’t believe it! It just goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to.

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Hoping to get under an hour next time around!

Why don’t you¬†challenge¬†yourself today? You won’t regret it I promise you!





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