4 Steps To Detox Post Holiday!

Everyone loves a holiday! Sun, sea and sand! You get to forget about life and worries at home! Along with the joys of being abroad it is much easier to be relaxed with our diets. As much as we like to tell ourselves that we won’t eat that badly or drink as much we do; and there’s nothing wrong with that!

After a week or more of indulging the first thing we think of all the calories we ate! Lol This post is a guide how I reset my body after a holiday or even an indulgent weekend!

H20 (Water lol)

As cliche as it sounds after having a heavily salted/fatty diet, you need to cleanse with water! Start by every morning drinking warm lemon water (squeeze half a lemon into freshly boiled water), then during the day increase your daily intake of water to at least 2 litres a day. My favourite water mix when I have breakouts and to detox is my detox water; consisting of lemon, cucumber and mint. Cucumber is hydrating as it has 95% water content, mint is soothing and great for digestion and lemon is detoxifying! This combo means it’s great for your skin and stomach!

EAT or DRINK Your Greens

Making sure you eat more greens is definitely an important factor in the detoxifying process. You need to get back into the habit of feeding your body appropriately. The best greens for detoxing are broccoli, kale and spinach; which can be had with most of your meals during the day. However, if you don’t like the taste of them you can always blend them into a smoothie and drink them! One great combo I had whilst away in Ibiza was from Skinny Kitchen. Their ‘Ultimate Detox’ smoothie included broccoli, kale, mango, apple and ginger!

Portion Sizing

After overeating and bingeing on some high fat and sugary foods it is important to reset your body by adjusting and controlling your portion sizes. In the week after a holiday it would be good to cut out all forms of fatty/ high sugar foods completely, so that your body can have a chance to get back into its pre holiday routine. Fill your meals with greens, protein and wholefoods like sweet potatoes and brown rice, and if necessary have snacks in between meals. My favourite snacks in between meals are hommous and carrot sticks, or apples and peanut butter.


I’m not a fan of ‘flat tummy’ teas or detox teas, I think natural remedies are the best for the body and boost your immune system. One of the teas I recommend are dandelion tea. Dandelion tea is great for de-bloating and will help with the water weight gained, and great for digestion. It is also a great coffee substitute as it naturally contains caffeine.

The other tea, you might have guessed is green tea! It is also great for de bloating, fat burn and overrall cleansing.

Now you’re equipped for greatness everytime you return from holiday; no need to worry about the extra calories gained!





Detox Water: Lemon, Cucumber & Mint



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