One Month Vegan Challenge

As some of you may know, 1st November was World Vegan day so I decided to make it a full month of practising veganism. I’ve tried it before but resumed eating meat, so I wanted to show how I manage to get through it and the difficulties faced during the challenge.

Q: What is it to be a vegan?

Those that practice veganism do not eat foods containing dairy or eat meat. They would not eat poultry, meat or seafood, and in addition to that they would not eat eggs or drink milk from animals but rather plant/nut based. They are said to have plant based or alkaline diets. The excluded foods are said to acidic and are not the best for our bodies.

Vegans are vegans for one of the three options; to prevent the harming of animals, to  protect the environment by living greener and for health benefits. Being a vegan is also great for those like myself that are lactose sensitive. Some vegans also do not wear leather, fur, silk, or wool.

For the month, I decided to take the challenge, to see how disciplined I would be as a vegan. I have done meat free days before but to completely change your diet, to exclude dairy that I eat regularly like cake, chocolate and eggs would be a bigger challenge.

Q : Where do I get my protein from?

I believe the main reason people do not want to become a vegan, is mainly due to thinking that they do not think there are other sources of protein than meat. However, there are various sources of protein that can be had from plants, seeds and nuts. The main sources as per The Vegetarian Resource Group are lentils, soy, chickpeas, nut butters (almond, cashew, peanut), spinach, kale, broccoli and more.

Q : Isn’t there a limit on the meals that can be created?

As someone that loves exciting food, even though I can eat similar foods daily, being vegan has made me think outside the box in the kitchen. I found some vegan mozzarella cheese, that is as stringy as the usual, and tastes very similar. The Vio Life cheese was about £2.99 in Holland & Barrett and was perfect for my pizza craving!

I made the base with gluten free flour topping the pizza with passata, jalapenos, sweetcorn, peppers and onions.

In addition to this, I have made chilli sin carne! All the tastiness of chilli con carne but without meat. I also made a well known African favourite jollof rice and fried rice! Goes to prove that you can enjoy regular foods whilst being a vegan.


For some vegan meal ideas click here Vegan Meal Ideas


Q: Don’t you have cravings?

Currently down two weeks into the challenge, the most difficult thing is giving up sweet treats for me. Like most people I enjoy cake and chocolate and vegan options of these (dairy free) aren’t always readily available. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Q: What do you eat when you’re hungry and do not have available food?

There are a wide range of vegan foods that I normally have when I am unable to eat a proper meal. These include PROPERCORN popcorn, fresh fruit and mixed nuts, nut butters and fruit, a dairy free protein shake (pea, soy, hemp, brown rice).

I try to have three main meals to avoid snacking as much. My main meals are normally breakfast; oats, blueberries, strawberries and a handful of mixed nuts. Lunch is normally a salad with kidney beans or hummus and flatbread and dinner more than likely plantain with some rice and pulses. 




Hope this has shed a bit more light into veganism! Have you ever tried being vegan? Let me know your thoughts !


Take the Vegan pledge here and trial what it is like to be a vegan here —-





  1. November 28, 2016 / 9:57 am

    Great read… my reason for being a vegan was certainly due to health reasons and now about the animals, It’s been just over a year now and loving it, there are days where I would crave things like cheese, how I miss cheese but not so much the meat. Do you think you will carry on being a vegan?

    • Eni
      November 30, 2016 / 8:17 am

      Thank you so much ! 💜😁 I feel like I could continue it but I would occasionally miss meat. So I think I would do 4 out of 7 days vegan as I do feel a lot lighter when I am and I am forced to eat more fruit and veg which I like!

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