Vegan Challenge Review

December is now upon us which means an end to the vegan Challenge. It’s all a bit better sweet as I did love the fact I was eating more fruit and vegetables.

As said in my previous post, I was obtaining my protein from nuts, seeds and legumes. However, during this challenge it required a lot of pre planning and preparation otherwise you would find yourself in a pickle with food to eat. I always used dried beans and doled them for a few hours or overnight before cooking them! 

A positive from going plant based is that I no longer relied on whey protein shakes to replace meals when I was lazy lol! As alternatives to whey there are hemp and pea proteins however they are a bit of an acquired taste as some come quite grainy and bland tasting. How did you train at the gym without protein? It’s actually quite easy to go without it however it made me plan my meal times around. 

During the challenge I found myself a little bit fatigued. One reason partly because I wasn’t taking my usual multivitamins but also because I do believe my body was lacking the amino acids that are in meats in my body. Also whilst being vegan I found I had to stock up on foods full of iron (spinach/kale). Sometimes I wouldn’t want to put them in meals so I was somewhat missing out on vital nutrients.

In general it was not as easy road as at times when I’m on the road I was unable to eat when I’m out as there were very few options. I have found that you have to travel to certain locations in order to find vegan specialised foods. One eatery in particular is Cook Daily in BoxPark Shoreditch. I ordered the Hard Bowl which was full of veggies, yam, plantain, brown rice and quinoa with ackee, a Caribbean dish. 

Another issue I had was when I didn’t want to eat whole meals; finding bite size foods that did not contain any form of dairy was also difficult to find but here are some of my favourites.

Nom Foods: Vegan Bar packed with Pea Protein

Coconut Merchant Coconut Chips





In conclusion, I did feel lighter not eating meat and would definitely recommend it to anyone willing to take the challenge as it helps you become more creative with your foods! Would I convert to veganism? I’d say no, as I do love and miss chicken lol! However I will take some of the meals I was able to crate into my weekly meals and probably still will have days I do not eat meat, approximately 3 days meat free.



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      Thank you so much! Hope you like the blog overall!

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      Thanks so much!

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