New Year, New Me?

As the Year comes to an end, it’s usually a time where everyone assesses their year, what has gone well, what hasn’t been great, but that’s fine! The most important thing is learning from things that didn’t go to plan and build on them!

The Good

This year I loved the fact that I attended several fitness events! I went outside of my comfort zone and tried things I had not tried before. 2016 was the year I did yoga for the first time! 2016 was also the year in which I completed the infamous obstacle course named Tough Mudder. I ran a faster 10 kilometre this year and shaved 7minutes off my time in 2015.

Lessons Learnt : The Not So Good

I did not run outside as much as I could have! Running is one of my loves outside of the gym, and I wanted to run more regularly than I actually did. In addition to this, I did not eat as well as I could have. Sometimes when you get to a certain stage of fitness, and your body can take when you eat badly; yeah that! Even though it did not always show, I do myself a disservice as it makes the workouts I do pointless. Diet accounts for 80% of the hard work, and whilst still aiming to have cheat meals; I am more than determined to eat wholesome food! My health is more important than anything!

Looking Forward

Despite it being a New Year, I have already set myself goals based on aspects of my fitness journey that need work. The aim is to push myself more in the gym and outside of it! Probably taking part in more challenges and working out with new people! I am aiming hard to improve my stamina, strength and endurance! The only way is up!
What are your goals for next year? 

Thank you all for being a part of my journey in 2016 and I cannot wait to share and document everything to come in 2017!


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