How To Keep Your Fitness Clock Ticking

Starting your fitness journey is the first hurdle of  getting fit, but maintaining the same motivation throughout is another issue. You have days where you aren’t in the mood to go to the gym, or you might just be busy! Whatever the reason for you not being motivated is essentially only temporary. How do I stay enthusiastic about keeping fit? The truth is you WILL not always be in the mood or have the time but aiming to be as consistent as you can is and should be the main aim!

Fitness motivation spurs from different reasons from wanting to look your best; improving fitness and overall improved health. Whatever your motivation is; here are a few ways to improve and maintain your fitness journey!

Hey Good Looking!

As the saying goes, ‘when you look good, you feel good’; and it is exactly the same with your fitness! In order to feel better; you need to be comfortable in your clothes. It is always a good treat to buy yourself new clothes when you lose weight as a prize but that doesn’t mean you should not look good along the way! Something as small as buying yourself some new leggings or trainers will give you a confidence boost and some encouragement to want to workout (or show off your new gear lol!)

Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 Trainers

Breaking A Sweat

In improving your fitness, there are so many essential items you need to have in order to progress. Amongst my essentials are a good pair of training gloves, a weight belt, a skipping rope, resistance bands! The training gloves and weight belt especially for weight training and in beating personal bests. I most recently got myself a Garmin fitness tracker, to track my activity levels and monitor my daily steps. It also encourages me to take part in weekly step challenges against other Garmin users which I find a lot of fun!

Garmin Vivosmart HR plus


In addition to this, to improve your fitness you need to step out of your comfort zone! Try something different! Sign up to your first run, tackle an obstacle course or even fitness boutiques like Barry’s Bootcamp, Psycle, KOBOX and BOOMCycle to spice up your fitness with some intensity from time to time, some of London’s most elite trainers!

Psycle Spin Classes

Become A MasterChef

Improved health means being more aware of what you are eating. Many people are not aware of the damages they do to their bodies when they constantly feed it with junk! Note the key word is constantly, I’d always advise a ‘cheat’ meal once a week where you eat one food you’ve been craving all week. In looking after your health, meal prep plays a vital part in making better food choices. Read How Important Is Meal Prep? how to effectively meal prep. Eating well doesn’t have to be boring!

Tasting new foods and cooking them is also another way of improving your health. This, alongside drinking at least 2 litres,  getting 8 hours sleep, and not stressing all play a big part of your health and wellbeing!

Acai Bowl Made With @SambazonUK


Try some of the few suggestions and let us know how it goes!



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