How To Get Running Into Your Fitness Regime

As some people may know, it is runners season, and there are a lot of races coming up! But how do I get into running you may ask! Here are some tips I believe would be handy for anyone starting out.

Running is something I’ve always had a love for apart from lifting in the gym! I’m not a top marathon runner but these are definitely some tips to get more people on the road running!

Why Running?

Running is a moderate form of cardio that gets your heart rate up! It is a great way to lose weight and uses almost all your body’s muscles.

Must Haves

These are items I believe to be key for any runner. An arm band to hold your phone or keys so your arms have full free movement.

Good running shoes are the most essential! Having wrong footwear can have a dire effect on the way you run and may even cause injury. A great way I found out what footwear was great for me was at the Nike store where I got my gait analysed. A gait analysis highlights the way in which your foot strikes as you run. You could either lean to one side or run flat footed. Either way, running with shoes that match your foot movement will improve your running in general.
Wireless headphones! These are so essential for me as I do not get wires tied and can run without fear that they’ll fall out. I have the PowerBeats2 wireless headphones at the moment; a treat from Beats when I ran 5Km with them a few years ago!

Nike Running Club is the best running app with live map and split timings. You can also start training plans on the app which notify you when to go for a run particularly in the lead up to a big race.

Fitness trackers are particularly handy when running as they measure your heart rate and you know how many calories you actually expend during the exercise. I currently use the Garmin Vivosmart HR + which calculates my calories per exercise and my heart rate.

Stretch Armstrong

Not literally the action figure but stretching is very key to preventing injury and improving your performance.

Here are some stretches that would be beneficial!

Getting Started

Sign up to a local Parkrun (5Km run every Saturday morning with runners of all abilities). You can also sign up to a race to motivate yourself to get active as you’ll have a goal in mind!

Slow and Steady

You aren’t going to get Mo Farrah race pace the first day you run but just start somewhere and make it regular. Take each day at a time, and continue to build on it. Soon enough you’ll be smashing PBs and running races! 😁

Not only would you be burning more calories than on a treadmill, you’ll be using more muscles and get to take in views around you! Very therapeutic! 


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