Sun, Sea & Sweat: Keeping Fit On Holiday

As summer is on the verge of arriving, a lot of people are in the gym, working for that beach body! But once the race to the sand is on, what actually happens once you’re in paradise? All the work is forgotten and we indulge in all the foods we restricted ourselves from eating. Working out is normally the last thing on your mind, and reasonably so; but it CAN be done.


Posing after a gym workout

Coming To America

I recently went away to America as some of you may know, and I enjoyed! All my cravings of cake, chicken wings and burgers were fulfilled lol! However, I did miss working out and did not want to have a typical holiday where I returned back to the UK, bloated and feeling like I am back at square one. Going to Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, it was easy to want to just enjoy the sun and sleep in, but I did manage to get a few workouts in.

Workout Plan

The way to ultimately get your workouts in whilst you’re away is to plan. Ideally, the best way to get a workout in is to plan it as you would do any other activity in life. If you know you have a spare window of up to an hour, you can easily get a workout in. A workout of even 15 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata style exercises can prove to be effective.

The Body Coach has a multitude of videos on YouTube ranging from beginner levels to advanced. His channel can be accessed here — Also, FitnessVWork has a great challenging treadmill and circuit workout on his channel, (I gave that a try the other day and almost crashed lol) Take a look at his latest vid here — . HIIT is definitely one of my go to’s when I am short on time, but want to work up a sweat.

Off to Runyon Canyon Park with a missing nail lol?

Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles


Food, Glorious Food

Food and essentially drink play a major part of how sluggish you feel during and after your holiday. During mine, I did enjoy my food but I made sure I had a good balance. Where I would eat what I’d consider a cheat meal, I would have a reasonable meal. Surprisingly, I did not consume as many carbs as I thought I would. I often opted for light salads with chicken wings over a burger with bread. A drink or two was enjoyed, but I made sure that I did not typically eat after as I would be eating additional calories I did not need as I going to sleep.  Hakkasan’s duck salad was one of my favourite light meals!

I would ensure I drank ample amounts of water (typically 2litres or more) to compensate especially in the heat. A common mistake we make is eating because food is accessible, sometimes we may not even be hungry. It is so important to listen to your body.

Buffalo wings

Buffalo Wings 😍😛


So, when you next go away, try working out or eating slightly better, your body will love you for it! (and you can get a few more lean pictures in lol)




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