AKFitClub Review

Last week I finally managed to fit in a class with AKFitClub; after meeting the lovely duo at BeFit! 

This post will have everything you need to know about the class and how to get yourself to a class!

Skipping rope

What is AKFitClub?

AKFitClub is a skipping HIIT class. It was founded by Andi and Kim; fitness enthusiasts merging the love of skipping with high intensity body workouts. 

What does a typical class entail?

A typical class lasts for 45 minutes; made up of skipping and high intensity body workouts; 30 seconds on and off. 

Within each skipping and HIIT round we did a number of skipping moves, from cross overs to high knees. Below is a taster of some of the moves you will try out during the class!

Who can attend the class?

AKFitClub is perfect for skippers of all levels from beginners to pro. With the classes being small, Andi and Kim pay you a lot of attention and help you where you need assistance. They provide constant encouragement throughout the class pushing you to give your most when you want to give up. Above all else, you have fun whilst breaking out a sweat!

Post Workout

After an intense workout, we had a 50% off shake from @ProteinHausUK! This is only applicable for Mondays classes at St Paul's. 

If you are looking for a fun, out of the ordinary workout, try AKFitClub!
They currently have classes in Holborn Gymbox on Saturdays and at St. Paul's on Mondays. 
You can find them on Instagram and Twitter by their handles : @AkFitClub!


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