3 Reasons Why Training During Your Monthly Isn’t So Bad

Training during your period is something that is almost never considered to be an option for females, for numerous reasons. It is a time where you may be more naturally tired and prone to eating more on impulse; due to the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. However, training during your cycle IS possible and you will reap great benefits by being active. It is often a taboo to discuss training during your monthly, but surprisingly enough it is possible.

Know Your Cycle

The menstrual cycle normally lasts a total of 28 days and is split into two stages; Follicular and Luteal.

The Follicular stage usually lasts from day 1 to 14, just before ovulation. This is the stage where you will have increased pain tolerance, increased insulin sensitivity, and your levels of estrogen increases. During your follicular stage it is advised to carry out your more intense workouts and lifting. In addition to this, you may eat an increased amount of carbohydrates due to cravings but they are best utilised to help fuel your workouts.

Menstrual cycle

Menstrual Cycle Chart

The Luteal stage occurs after ovulation (day 14), from days 15 to 28. At this stage, PMS symptoms are more evident such as cramps, mood swings and fatigue. During this stage, you are liekly to retain more water and are more injury prone; although you can maximise fat loss during this time, with moderately intense exercises. If you are unable to carry out lighter weights and cardio; activities like yoga and pilates are great low impact exercises. As your menstrual cycle comes to an end, you would be able to return back to your normal strength/ high intensity regime.


Why You Should Train During Your Menstrual

  1. It helps to improve your mood. As per usual exercise, you will get an endorphin rush and will definitely not regret working out after!
  2. It helps to reduce PMS symptoms. I find that I am less prone to cramps and the uncomfortability felt during my menstrual when I am active.
  3. Energy boost! Instead of making you feel tired, you will feel the opposite, surprisingly!


How To Beat Your Menstrual

  • Drink more water to help reduce water retention and bloating.
  • Although sometimes difficult, eat more fruit and vegetables over refined carbs like cake
  • Take rest. If your body cannot work to its normal potential; it is fine. Do not risk injury if your body is not up to it.


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