National Fitness Day 2017

As some of you may have seen, 27th September marked National Fitness Day. This year I worked with UK Active to help promote their campaign. I was so excited to do so as it has always been my ethos to let people know fitness does not have to be a chore. Fitness should always be fun and inclusive; hence the agenda of getting more people fit was something I wanted to do!

What Does Fitness Mean To Me?

Fitness to me is escaping the stresses of life, being in the zone. Time to yourself – but also an opportunity to learn something different and push your boundaries mentally and physically through working out. Just going to gym has never been enough for me to be fulfilled or satisfied with my fitness journey. I often take part in obstacle races like Tough Mudder, and love a challenge in general. Fitness should be about coming out of your comfort zone, that is when you can change and grow both physically and mentally. This is the foundation of writing my blog posts!

National Fitness Day: The Events!

I specially picked classes I have previously enjoyed or wondered what they were like in London for the events I planned to celebrate National Fitness Day. The campaign was run by UKActive and I am still humbled to have the opportunity to help spread the word and get more people active, more often!


Combining spin with dance choreography which makes you forget you are actually working out. I found myself breaking out in song during rides as the songs were always chart hits and childhood faves. They also have themed rides – check them out on Instagram and Twitter @GrooveCycle!


A multi-fitness studio bringing you yoga, pole and twerking classes to your fave tunes! If you are looking for a change to your routine as well as guided explanations and stretches to help you get the most out of your class – choose Kelechnekoff.

Follow the woman of the hour, Kelechi on instagram @kelechnekoff for updates on what is happening in the studio!


FitMiBody is not just a typical gym! With specialist trainers- you are guaranteed nothing less than the best! Focused, fun and fat burning workouts in a close knit environment help you really make the most of your workout without worrying if eyes are on you.

Find out about them on Instagram at @FitMiBody!


Remember skipping in school? AKFitClub takes you back to the playground with fun skip HIIT classes. You get the opportunity to brush up or even learn some new skipping techniques that will have you skipping like a pro in no time.

Follow them on Instagram for more: @AKFitClub

Below is the highlight video for all the fun we had all week! Hope to see some more of you getting active at these studios or future events Eni’s Lab will hold!




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