Food Shopping Hacks

Food accounts for 70% of your fitness journey, so your food preparation is key However, before meal prepping, you need to ensure that your food shop sets you up on the right path. Here are some food shopping hacks, you NEED to incorporate!


Go to the shops with your shopping list, planning your meals AND snacks for the week beforehand. This also includes meals you want to make that may not be part of your regular diet. Accountability helps you keep track of what you eat. I shop in 3 categories, but some of the foods do overlap;

  • Snacks: banana, apples, oranges, pineapples, mangoes
  • Regulars (Foods I eat every week): lemons, blueberries, strawberries, spinach
  • Staples (Foods I eat regularly, but last a bit longer): Oats, almond milk, sweet potatoes, plantains, meat, kidney beans, chickpeas

Do Not Shop On An Empty Stomach

This is a recipe for disaster, as you are prone to feed your cravings more easily if you eat something you have not planned for. Cheat meals are not prohibited, but it is easier to monitor what you eat when you do not eat cheats outside your planned cheats.

Shop Around

Never be afraid of shopping at more than one shop so you get the best deal. I usually shop at more than one shop, for meat; likely to be Tesco & Aldi, and whenever almond milk is on sale I buy it in bulk lol!

You could also get cheaper alternatives as several shops run deals simultaneously. I ideally get my staples in these multi buy deals.

Watch this video below to see Eni go on her food shop for a week!


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