Spotlight: Oh Maria FiiT

Some of you may know her as Maria or ‘OhMariaFiiT’ on social media. She is a Personal Trainer and Vlogger. We will be asking her about her story and finding out what sparked her interest in fitness.

Have You Always Been Into Fitness?

Maria: It’s like I became a gym fanatic overnight. My Instagram profile is literally a reflection of the moment I realised I want to take this seriously. I want to take the gym seriously. One day I was posting selfies and the next I was sharing session plans and progress pics, so it was definitely a quick transition.

What Made You Want To Start Training?

Maria: I started training for a number of reasons. Primarily it was because I did not like my body. I was skinny and hated being reminded of it.

How Did You Actually Go About Beginning Your Fitness Journey?

Maria: After moving from London to Manchester, I was very antisocial. During the first year all I did was go to work and came home, it was a constant cycle. I had no friends around me and had nothing to do. When I began a new job in summer 2016; I decided to sign up to the ‘GymFlex’ scheme, which I did not actually start attending until October of that year lol!

I then, asked my friend for a generic plan to follow and where I did not know what a deadlift was – I constantly had on tab! I followed the plan the best I could and was approached by another person in the gym to assist me for two weeks. This sparked my passion for fitness!

What Were Your ‘Goals’ And How Did They Change?

Maria: I started with a simple goal: get thick thighs, wide hips and a big bum. At first it was all about how I wanted to look aesthetically but with time I wanted to be stronger and fitter, and I wanted to help others do the same! A lot has happened in the last year and I never thought I would become a Personal Trainer. To be honest, I am shocked by my progress and how long I have lasted doing this fitness thing.

Do you know what I love the most? The gainssss. There is no limit. There’s always going to something to improve on, something to be better at and that is the goal. To get better. Every positive decision and every session contributes to a better version of myself so why stop?

What Message Have You Got For Those Starting Out?

Maria: No matter where you are on your journey, no matter your goals,  just stay consistent. Create this habit and make it your lifestyle. You can only get better! Don’t wait till 2018 either, start now!

It is not always going to be easy, you might not always eat well or your gym partner may not be always with you during a session, but you need to remember why you are training and BEAST IT OUT!

 Gym IS life, gym is FOR life.
Follow Maria on Instagram and Twitter with the handle: @OhMariaFiiT!

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