4 Week Progress Report: Reading Half Marathon

As some of you may know, I am running in Reading Half Marathon on Sunday 18th March 2018! It is my first race for a while and my FIRST Half Marathon at that!


Currently, my training isn’t as much as Id like it to be but I have been managing to get at least 1-3 runs in a week. My love for lifting counts as great cross training, however I have made it a point to increase my road miles weekly.

It is more about mentality getting on the road sometimes and as the weather gets colder, it makes it harder to get them done! Mind over matter is key in this instance! With 3 weeks to go, I successfully completed a 10km/6mile run earlier in the week, and completed a 16km/10mile run today.

nike app


New running gear always motivates you to run, so it was more than appreciated when I got some running trainers from 361 Europe and Stance socks for the cold runs!

Trainers: Very light on your feet

Socks: Help keep the cold out

361 Europe Sensation 2 Trainers: test driven and light on your feet!


Stance’s New Range: Feel 360 Technology


In the weeks to come I aim to keep up the pace of my runs, and get in a few speed runs, which may take the form of sprints. Also in the lead up to the race, I plan to REST! Carb load and rest so I have enough energy to effectively complete the race as overtraining in the few days in the lead up can have detrimental effects. Apart from that, I am more than excited to be out of my comfort zone doing something different!

If you are up for the challenge too, you have until midnight 25/02/18 to sign up before entries close!

Sign up link: https://www.sweatshopevents.co.uk/rhm/entry_half18.asp


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