Rest and Why It Is Key To GAINS

Most people believe the key to reaching your fitness goals is to be constantly in the gym, or even training more than necessary. And you couldn’t be more wrong! In order to reach any type of goal, there needs to be a balance! Above all else, whether it is to gain or lose weight; an 80% clean diet and rest are needed. This article will go into different ways of resting and why it is absolutely KEY!

Rest Days

rest day

Training everyday is a way to overwork yourself and your muscles. It first of all does not allow your muscles the time to grow as it keeps getting broken down. In addition to this, you run the risk of injury when you do not rest. The minimum days to take as rest weekly should be anything from 1-3days. On those days, COMPLETELY rest. We aren’t machines, so overtraining can have the reverse effect, affecting your strength and progress.


sleepAlthough it is seen as underrated, sleep is necessary for a healthy body. In order for your body to function to the best of your ability, it is recommended to sleep between 6-8 hours a day. Sleep not only aids in the growth of your muscles, it helps to keep your appetite in check, and leaves your skin refreshed. Ensure you get your fair share of shut eye!


Active Recovery

Active recovery is often overlooked and can be substituted for any weight day. It is a form of light exercise that normally is not strenuous to the joints and muscles. Amongst the active recovery activities are Pilates, yoga, and walking. They are simple but easy ways to keep moving without putting too much strain on your body and usually consist of things done in everyday life. Stretching is also a great way of preventing injury; for more information on its benefits read:


So, the next time you try and overwork yourself in order to get in shape or to those fitness goals, remember why rest is the key to unlocking your progress!


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