Got Water? : Why Hydration Is Key For Your Health

Summer is fast approaching which means we naturally want more water! Apart from the temperature rise, water is an unsung hero in terms of health benefits. We often hear that water is important for weight loss but there are many other reasons why the clear stuff is essential for your overall wellbeing! This article will explore why water is important!

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Body Functionality

First of all, in the body, it accounts for 60% of our beings. From muscles, to kidneys, to your skin, it plays a key part to our body’s regular functionality. Water helps to balance bodily fluids as we lose water through sweating, breathing, urinating, and stool. In addition to this, ensuring you are hydrated helps to regulate your body temperature. If your water intake does not match the output; you become dehydrated.


Weight Loss

Secondly, it helps to promote weight loss. It contains nutrients that help to flush out toxins that may be in the body. Further to that, it acts as an appetite suppressant, helping you to fill fuller throughout the day. Usually, it is advised to drink water when you feel as if you are hungry because you may in fact be thirsty. It aids with the retention of water weight as the more you drink, the less you retain which results in you losing water weight.



How To Drink More Water

For most people, it is not usually the first option to drink when you are thirsty. The best way to get more in is to drink it with meals, and before thinking to eat. In addition to this, you can swap your fruit juices, and alcohol for water. Here is an article on how alcohol could be affecting your progress, here. 

Another way you can get more into your diet, is to buy a gallon bottle which will keep you aware of how much water you are drinking daily. You can buy a bottle from many online stores but here is one I would recommend: Gallon Water Bottle.

EAT YOUR WATER! There are many fruits and vegetables that have a high water content which can help you to stay hydrated. These include;

  • Watermelon – 92%
  • Pineapple – 87%
  • Strawberries – 92%
  • Apple – 84%
  • Oranges – 87%
  • Cucumber – 96%
  • Lettuce – 96%
  • Tomato – 94%
  • Broccoli – 91%
  • Carrot – 87%
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Cucumber, Lemon And Mint Water: Perfect For Detoxing And Clear Skin





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