Ride With Me #BackedByLaka

We are shy of eight weeks into 2021, and the new year novelty is wearing off; as expected. Our goals for 2021 seem to become a faint memory of what we wanted to achieve when we entered into the New Year. One thing to remember, primarily is that we are going through a lockdown and our daily routine is monotonous. Keeping your physical activity exciting and engaging but doable is how to stay on track. This article will be an insight to my current training regime, and what I hope to achieve in 2021; setting new goals for myself. 

For me, being at home constantly was more than a culture shock. I am used to being on the go, at the gym, and socialising so it was definitely a big hit for me mentally. Training indoors where I sleep, eat, work and rest also doesn’t give you as much motivation to workout. You have more access to food and you are relaxed as you are in your place of comfort. As someone who is used to lifting weights and not having access to them initially, I had to think outside the box in order to keep active. 

For this new year, I have decided to spend more time outside, for a change of environment, fresh air and a challenge. Late last year I bought a bike, and have vowed to put some mileage on it this year. My aim is to cycle 60kilometres a week (about 8.5 kilometres daily). Alongside this, I cannot wait to take in more of London’s views whilst riding. 

You may be thinking, with riding, don’t you need insurance? Don’t you worry! I got you covered 😉 I was recently introduced to the Laka Collective https://laka.co/gb/bicycle-insurance! It is unique bike community that insures you for loss, theft, international travel and much more; all for an affordable price. 

As most people know, the theft of bicycles are on the rise so having insurance that covers everything you can think of is important to me. The thought that everything is taken care of and I’m free to just ride is so liberating. 

Riding has never been so easy, so insure yourself and get money off with my code [ https://my.laka.co/legends?rfsn=5441363.3f8fea].

(This post has been sponsored)


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