About Eni’s Lab

Eni’s Lab was founded in September 2015 in a bid to encourage others to change their mentality towards their health and fitness.

Eni, the founder, grew up leading a very active and competitive life. Unfortunately, college and university life slowed her down and she became very casual with her diet and activity levels.

Whilst being away on a study year abroad, she rediscovered her love for being fit and thus, her fitness journey began.

In Eni’s Lab, you can find anything from fitness advice, to health tips, to the latest fitness challenges Eni is taking part in.

Eni’s Lab is for the individual wanting to start their fitness journey with no one to turn to. For the individual that wants to step out of their comfort zone. For the individual that wants to look after their health. There’s something for everyone in Eni’s Lab, so one inspired to be more and do more! Health is wealth. You have one life, so make sure every minute counts!


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