Whether you are joining us in person or at home, the Booty Bootcamp experience is like no other. This intensive class will leave you feeling strong, accomplished and sweaty by incorporating low weight, high rep training. Your derriere will thank you for it! Shape, tone and lift your butt to your favourite tunes – with routine cycles changing every few weeks. All levels are welcome.

All that is needed for the class is a Booty band, water and ENERGY!

New Year, Same Goals?

This is the opportunity to shake up your regular routine with this INSANE Bootcamp. With bodyweight and free weight exercises back to back – how many rounds will you last?

What happens at a HIITsanity class!

National Fitness Day Events

As part of a campaign with UKActive, Eni’s Lab ran a week long of events to get you fit, whilst having fun!

Check out the following video if you haven’t already to find out the brands we worked out with and how the week got on!

Check out for updates of events to come from Eni’s Lab!