As most of you know, I do not take any for of energy drinks, or pre workout before I workout! However, I do have times where a boost is needed! I recently came across a brand called Flyte that appeared to be the alternative!

Initial Thoughts

It boasts its clean energy drink is perfect for pre workout or even on the go! I was at first sceptical as I am not a coffee person at all and I do not drink energy drinks. The fact it is labelled as a Clean Energy drink sparked my interest as I know most energy drinks are full of sugar and have nasty side effects like palpitations and more! However, I was deifintely open minded to try it out nonetheless.

What Is In A Flyte Drink?

Each drink includes the following ingredients;

  • Green coffee (caffeine)
  • Maca (focus)
  • Griffonia (alertness)
  • Schizandra (vitality)


The drinks came in three of four flavours including, citrus lemon, green mango and red berries. Orange Clementine is the last flavour.

Per 100ml it contains; 9kcals of energy, Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 2g, Sugar 2g, Protein 0.04g and Salt, 0.02g.

After Thoughts

My favourite of the three I received was the red berries! The drink tasted like flavoured sparkling water, and energised me for a workout. I had more energy than I usually have and did not feel the after effects! I have about half a bottle at a time as I am personally conscious about having caffeine in any form, but it is great for a boost!

Compared to other energy drinks I have tried, I would definitely recommend this to regular coffee drinkers or those that take pre workouts!


A lot of bars out there are selling the idea of being healthy when they really are not. Most are packed with artificial sugars, fats and no real nutrients, which is unfair to the consumer. This highlights the reason why reading labels is key to being accountable for your own nutrition.

Ollybars perfectly fits the bill of a bar that is actually good for you. It is a mix of dried nuts and fruits bonded with carob – meaning that you have longer lasting energy over refined sugar packed bars. Even from the taste of the bars everything tastes natural and it is refreshing. It’s definitely a way of getting your fats up as Joe Wicks would say!

This product all in all, is one of the best snack bars I have tasted! Especially as someone that avoids dairy, and always on the go; I definitely see myself stocking up on a bunch of these bars. The bar is perfect for : vegetarians, vegans, those avoiding dairy, coeliacs, or if your diet is soya free, whey free or generally additive free. For a bar with over 8g of protein and 9g+ of fibre, you are pretty much onto a winner!!

My fave flavour has to be the peanut chocolate chip – because I LOVE both peanut butter and chocolate.

SO.. Check out Olly Bars on their website to buy your deliciously hand-made bars!