Flyte Drink

Flyte Drink


  • Does not taste like a typical energy drink
  • Low in calories and sugar - 2g carbs and 2g sugar per 100ml
  • Does not have any after effects like buzzing or palpitations
  • Relatively affordable at £12/ 6 bottles

As most of you know, I do not take any for of energy drinks, or pre workout before I workout! However, I do have times where a boost is needed! I recently came across a brand called Flyte that appeared to be the alternative!

Initial Thoughts

It boasts its clean energy drink is perfect for pre workout or even on the go! I was at first sceptical as I am not a coffee person at all and I do not drink energy drinks. The fact it is labelled as a Clean Energy drink sparked my interest as I know most energy drinks are full of sugar and have nasty side effects like palpitations and more! However, I was deifintely open minded to try it out nonetheless.

What Is In A Flyte Drink?

Each drink includes the following ingredients;

  • Green coffee (caffeine)
  • Maca (focus)
  • Griffonia (alertness)
  • Schizandra (vitality)


The drinks came in three of four flavours including, citrus lemon, green mango and red berries. Orange Clementine is the last flavour.

Per 100ml it contains; 9kcals of energy, Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 2g, Sugar 2g, Protein 0.04g and Salt, 0.02g.

After Thoughts

My favourite of the three I received was the red berries! The drink tasted like flavoured sparkling water, and energised me for a workout. I had more energy than I usually have and did not feel the after effects! I have about half a bottle at a time as I am personally conscious about having caffeine in any form, but it is great for a boost!

Compared to other energy drinks I have tried, I would definitely recommend this to regular coffee drinkers or those that take pre workouts!


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